May 21, 2010

Bags o' Barf!

I remember my first airplane trip. Everything seemed SO awesome. Look, we get free peanuts! Hey, we're way up high! Wow, I feel sick to my stomach!

Even though I was nauseous, I was sort of impressed by the airline's barf-bags. How thoughtful! And look, it has a plastic lining so my stomach juice won't soak through!

I was so into the idea of a complimentary barf-bag, when I got off the plane, I took mine with me.

And so I started collecting barf-bags! I got up to about 12 of them or so, and then realized that a barf-bag collection isn't that great. You can't really display them ("Behold! My barf-bags!"), and they don't stack on a book shelf or look good framed on a wall.

So I stopped collecting them.

But reading this story has made me change my mind. A guy named Steve Silverberg has been collecting barf-bags for a long time...and now he has almost 2,500 of them! And the Internet is the perfect place to share his collection, so hopefully he'll improve his site over at

Hey, wait a minute...these bags that Silverberg collects haven't even been USED yet? What a wussy!


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out!


  2. Hey Steve,

    Sure thing! And, uh, just kidding about the "wussy" comment...heheh, ouch.



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