July 26, 2010

The School Library Journal reviews GROSS STUFF!

I was looking forward to seeing what the School Library Journal would think of The Big Book of Gross Stuff. And today, I got my wish!

This [book's] pages are packed solid with disgusting information on an array of topics ranging from the predictable (vomiting, farting, burping, pooping) to the less obvious (corpses, shrunken heads, childbirth, and Rocky Mountain oysters). 

The author includes many historical anecdotes and interesting bits of gross trivia (did you know that the Apollo 11 astronauts left their defecation collection devices on the moon?). There's an extensive bibliography, which is rare in this type of book. 

The irreverent writing style is frequently laugh-out-loud funny and full of puns. Kids will love the euphemisms for various bodily functions and the sidebars (one has a recipe for making fake snot)... This book is not for the faint of heart. Some adults may feel it is in poor taste, but there are certainly middle school kids (let's face it, boys) who will eat it up.

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