February 20, 2010

"Hang on...I almost have it... Wait— nope, not yet..."

Every year, the Chinese city of Guangzhou has a Cherry Blossom Festival. Wonderful! And for some reason, they celebrate something called “Stunt Week” at the same time. Unheard of!

And that’s why we see this man trying a strange stunt: First he has his body wrapped in steel wire. Then he tries to snap the wire by using “special breathing techniques.”

Hmm. Can we go look at the cherry blossoms now? (Photo from here.)


  1. You said a steel wire. Woudn't he suffocate

  2. You'd think so! It sure look fun, though, huh?

  3. hey why would someone want to do something like that

  4. looks painfull

  5. Totally. But only through pain can we learn wisdom.

    Wait a minute, that can't be right!


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