November 10, 2010

"Making the Bladder Gladder": Sayings for going pee!

Photo by fPat Murray
There's a lot of sayings for taking a pee. For instance, when people say they're going to “answer the call of nature”, it means they’re going to PEE. Not poop!

The same thing goes for “seeing a man about a horse.” (But maybe if you were going to see a man about an ELEPHANT, you’d be pooping.)

If you need to pee really bad, you might exclaim, “My back teeth are floating!If you're more scientific, go with, “I am feeling micturient.”

From Sodahead
Also, you can TAKE a pee (or piss), GO Number 1, or even DO a wee. But nobody ever GIVES a pee? How selfish! Anyway, here’s the best “I'm going to go pee” sayings!

“Where's the bathroom? I've got to...”
  • change water on the goldfish
  • dump some apple juice
  • drain the dragon
  • expel urine from my bladder
  • fight a fire
  • give my pee ration at the urination station
  • go oui oui (France)
  • hose the porcelain
  • leak the lizard (men only)
  • lift the leg (think about dogs)
  • lower my water level
  • make my bladder gladder
  • pass water
  • pay the water bill
  • piddle
  • point Percy at the porcelain
  • release steam from the radiator
  • relieve myself
  • shake the dew off the lily
  • splash the pirate
  • take a whiz/leak/squirt
  • tap a kidney
  • take a pit stop
  • tinkle OR twinkle
  • train Thomas on the terracotta
  • troggle
  • visit the wizard
  • void my bladder
  • water the horse
  • write my name in the snow (cold weather only)
Learn the story behind peeing like a race-horse here. And find more sayings that use urine (e.g., “It’s like taking pee out of the pool!”) here.


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