April 30, 2010

Have You Ever Needed to Pee Like a WHALE?

“I have to pee like a racehorse.”
Ever hear someone say that? It means the person has to pee. A lot. After all, big animals pee large amounts of urine. In fact, a whale pees like a whale. (But it’s hard to see it happening, so nobody uses whales in cool sayings.) 

As for horses, they pee up to two gallons daily. But racehorses actually pee LESS than regular horses. That’s because racehorses get fed a lot of dry grains while regular horses graze on sweet, succulent grass with dew on it… Uh-oh, gotta pee!

I'm back. In the 1970s, humans started giving racehorses a chemical to make them pee before races. These chemicals (called “diuretics”) make water go to the racehorse’s bladder. The idea is that if the horse pees out all the fluid in his system, he’ll be lighter and run faster.

So that means before a race, you’d see a bunch of horses peeing their brains out. And you get people saying they have to piss like a racehorse.

What stinks is that although this is totally uncool, it is still allowed in big horse races today. So, are the people in charge of races like the Kentucky Derby idiots? Maybe. I say we put some diuretics in their iced tea and see how THEY like peeing like a racehorse!
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