April 29, 2010

One Hump or Two? (It's camel humor!)

Look, if you think about it, it’s gross to eat ANY animal. But even so, certain animals just don’t seem like they should be eaten.

Camels are one of these animals.

So I was sort of surprised to read this blog entry from a well-known food writer named Anissa Helou. She writes about how sad she was to miss a chance to eat camel hump. But then gets her wish to see how a baby camel is cooked:
It was a blow. I had been wanting to taste camel hump ever since I got to the [Mideast] and I had just missed my chance. A chance that was not likely to come again so easily. To eat hump, you need to buy and cook a whole camel. Admittedly a small one, three or four months old, but still too large an animal for my little kitchenette here. Not to mention the cost at over $1000 dollars for the baby camel.
But the gods smiled upon me today and I finally got my wish. I happened to be in a catering kitchen this morning where they were preparing a baby camel (known here as h’war) for a feast.
Wow. Her lucky day. See what I mean? That just sounds wrong. And after all that, she doesn’t even say what a baby camel TASTES like!
Top photo from CamelPhotos.com 
("the camel photo hub of the Web")


  1. This does sound awful. I remember growing up in Pakistan watching the butcher take down an adult camel for slaughter. They would tie a rope around its ankles and pull all four feet together (3-4 guys) until THUDDD!! the poor guy would fall on its side. Then one guy would straddle his neck and the butcher would cut its jugular. Its gamy and stinky meat.

  2. Thank you for that. (I think!)


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