January 1, 2010

Beware the Alien Fingers!

I was at the grocery store yesterday, minding my own business in the produce section.

"Oh, look, the carrots are nice. These bananas don't look quite ripe, and as for the apples— HOLY TOLEDO, what is THAT?!"
Yes, apparently aliens had dropped off miniature versions of themselves right next to the broccoli! My screams could be heard all the way over in the dairy section, and grocery clerks came running, while children and grown men fled the store in terror!

One clerk went out to assure the customers that everything was okay. And another one explained to me that the tentacled "aliens" I saw were actually a fruit called Buddha's hand.

I guess people like it because Buddha's hand smells really good.


Well, even if I was wrong, I don't want to smell anyone's fingers... even Buddha's!

(BTW, this fruit is also nicknamed "Goblins' fingers," so I'm still a little suspicious of it.)


  1. Don't fear the fingered citron! People use the rind to make marmalade, citrus-infused vodka and even candied citrus rind. It's also given as a gift during New Year is some Asian cultures. The closed-fisted Buddha's Hands are preferred, because they represent the act of prayer. It's really a very ancient and sacred fruit!

  2. Now THAT is a helpful reader comment. Many thanks, fruitnut!

  3. Don't be silly now, trix are for cheese!

  4. lol.....:) that?? i didn't know..but its educating though.i think i'll have to visit India


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