May 1, 2010

ASS BOMBS: They're Not What You Think!

I was surprised to read an article about a 74-year old man in Germany who was fined over $15,000 for “ass bombing” at a pool.

Man, the Germans hate flatulence!” I thought.

I thought wrong. It turns out that what the German word “Arschbomben” (“ass bombs”) means the same thing as what Americans call “cannonballs.”

And this retired teacher (known as Axel G.) had been “terrorizing” his local pool for years with his forbidden ass bombs.

But Axel made a crucial mistake: He DENIED the charges, even though there was videotape of his Arschbomben! And so Axel got one BIG fine…in fact, you could say that he got one big-assbomb of a penalty! 
Photo from Kadath.  

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