July 17, 2009

Watery Words! (Sayings That Use Urine)

—“Hold your water” = Be patient

—“It’s like taking pee out of the pool” = It’s impossible

—“Pee or get off the pot” = Get on with it

—“Full of pee and vinegar” = Full of life

—“Go pee in your hat” or “Go piss up a rope” = Get lost

—“Taking the piss out of someone” = To tease or make fun of

—“Don’t pee on me and tell me it’s raining” = Don’t lie to me

—“Don’t pee into the wind” = Avoid foolish or futile acts

—“It’s a pisser” = It’s amazing

—“Pissing and moaning” = Complaining

"I need to piss like a racehorse" = I really need to pee badly, and once I start, I'm going to release a lot of urine.

According to this site, a horse pees several quarts of urine every four hours, for a total of up to two gallons of pee each day. (An adult man pees between one and two quarts each day, which is a lot less.)

So if you ever know someone who has to literally "piss like a racehorse", either evacuate the area or put on rubber boots! (If you'd like to know where the phrase "piss like a racehorse" came from, go over here.)

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  1. I'm not a native speaker so the explanation for "piss like a racehorse" made it really clear. Thanks!


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