May 9, 2011

How to Make Fake Poop!

This idea for DIY fake poop is so simple and awesome, it's sheer genius. And like all my genius ideas, someone else came up with it!

In this case, I learned about DIY fake poop from The Bearded Iris blog. And with Iris Beard's permission, let's get to it!

1.) Get an empty toilet paper roll and a bowl of water.

2.) Unroll the toilet paper roll and submerge it underwater until it's soggy.

Let it get REALLY soggy. Soggified!

3.) When you think it's soggy enough, remove the toilet paper roll and start squeezing it into a poop shape.

Squeeze! Nobody's ever made good poop without squeezing. Okay, let's see what you've got.
What?! You call THAT poop? Keep squeezing! Put some elbow grease into it!

4.) Okay, now let's see what you've got.

Oh, NICE. Now you can sit back and enjoy the applause of people who admire your fake poop!

WARNING I: Someone may praise your DIY poop by saying, "It's turd-tacular!" If this happens, give that person 50 cents for being brave enough to say something that cheesy.

WARNING II: If you don't want to go to all this trouble making DIY fake poop, no big deal. After all, you make DIY real poop every day!

Thanks again to The Bearded Iris for the brilliant instructions and photos!


  1. Well done, Bart! I wish I had thought of the word "turd-tacular."

    I love what you've done with my little ol' turd craft. And the rest of your blog is FABULOUS! My kids and I will be regular visitors. Thanks for the laughs and the great info. LOVE IT!

  2. i got in trouble from my mom for finishing all the toilet paper . but it is realy cool

  3. I will make lots of it on April fools day >:)

    1. that's what i'm doing -- Cat Poop -- April Fools 2017

  4. I put it all over the bathroom and my mom started screaming. Really cool xD

  5. It's crap-tastic!

  6. That is very funny,nice job guys

  7. Someone near and dear to me is in deep crap. He's never gonna believe its fake.

  8. more instructions please!

  9. I put one in my cousins bed and she freaked

  10. Haha! This is turd-tastic. I just made one and put it on my dad's laptop while he was taking my sibling out to school. Can't wait to see his reply. Fake Hero's Doody!

  11. I have a great idea! Make a thousand of these and mostly bury somebody who is sleeping in them. Also, put fake fart smell into the water and try a little brown food coloring. When they wake up, it WILL smell like crap...literally! The brown food coloring will get rid of the serial numbers, if they are there.

  12. That is just nasty BUT clearly Nasty people LIKE you`ll LIKE IT!

  13. omg. it is....... AWESOME! IT KINDA LOOKS FAKE THO.

  14. I did this exept I tore it into peices and then squeezed it into the shape of poop. I don't know if it would work better to not tear it into shreds.


No bad words, thanks!