February 8, 2010

Shopping Alert: Beware of Butt Organisms!

Brand new clothes are awesome! Because you get to be the FIRST person who’s EVER worn them.

But that doesn’t explain the “butt organisms” that are in them!

”New” clothes have actually often been worn before. People buy clothes, wear them, and return them. People try clothes on in the store. And they leave their germs behind!

To test this, the show Good Morning America purchased 14 “brand new” clothing items and had a scientist test them for germs. And they were there, especially in the butt and armpit areas! The scientist called these germs things like “fecal flora”… which is a fancy way of saying “organisms that live in your butt”!

Here’s my favorite quote from the scientist: “Some garments were grossly contaminated with many organisms and indicating that either many people tried it or ... someone tried it on with heavy contamination. [So if you wear these], in a sense, you are touching somebody's arm pit or groin.”

Okay, I’m always washing my new clothes from now on!

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