March 29, 2010

When Do You Need a Deodorant Cannon? (Never!)

Have you ever smelled someone with bad b.o. who has drenched himself with deodorant and cologne? It doesn’t work, does it? You still smell the rotten stink underneath the perfumey stuff! 

The Chinese government hasn’t figured this out yet. China has more people generating more stinky trash than any nation on the planet. If the people did a good job recycling, this wouldn’t be a huge problem…but they don’t! In Beijing, only 4% of all garbage is recycled. (For comparison, New York recycles 36% of its trash.)

So what do you do when you end up with huge, smelly landfills of garbage? The Chinese solution is to fire deodorant cannons! According to this article, the cannons spray gallons of fragrance into the air.

But I’m going to predict that this isn’t going to solve the gross smells. After all, we have a big fan blowing bad air out of our bathroom, and even it isn’t enough to keep it smelling good in there! 

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