September 17, 2010

Why are there people inside that colon?

As you know, your colon is the main part of your large intestine. At the end of the colon is the rectum. Once poop makes it that far, you know you're carrying a load. After your rectum comes your poop chute (aka, anus) which is where you make your special deliveries.

If you've ever wondered what your colon looks like on the inside, you could visit a place called BarRectum in Vienna, Austria. It's a bar designed after the entire digestive system, starting with the tongue (right). From there it goes through the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.

The biggest part of the bar is the large intestine. It's been enlarged so that people can actually hang out inside of it.

And when you're ready to leave BarRectum, you go out through the anus! (This is also where the emergency exit is…just like in real life!)

BONUS: A disgusting story about Elvis Presley and his colon can be found after the break! (To read more, click "Read more.")

According to his doctor, Elvis Presley had a BAD problem with his colon. He suffered from constipation, and supposedly died trying to bust a fatal grumpy. 

After his autopsy, it was discovered that Elvis Presley had a colon that was twice as big as it should have been, and that it had poop inside of it that was many months old.


  1. Whew, I had only read the first page when I began having a panic attack at the lack of the phrase 'busted a grumpy' (which somehow still makes me think of slapping around one of the seven dwarves).

    Thank you so much however for tying up loose ends - well not literally although maybe in Elvis' case it was literally.

    Like John Denver didn't sing: 'Thank God I'm a regular boy, yeah!!' Gotta love that bran...d of music!!

  2. To me this looked more like a hollowed out piece of poo grafted to the anus and colon, ewwwwwww


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