October 15, 2010

Why couldn't it have been the "Poop Sloop"?

The town of Salisbury in Massachusetts has a new sewage pump-out boat for its harbor. Yes! The new boat will pump the pee, poop, and chemicals out of the holding tanks (or “heads”) of other boats in Salisbury Harbor.

What I like about the new boat is that they had a naming contest for it. Here were some of the incredibly awesome possibilities:
  • Headhunter
  • Potty Mouth
  • Poop Sloop
  • Discharge Barge
  • Floater
  • Muck Sucker
  • Dung Dingy
  • Captain's Log
  • Poo Pourrie
  • Doody Call
  • Poo Bear
  • Pumpty Dumpty
The winning name: the Down Winder. Humph! Even Poo Bear was better than that! But according to a community official, the problem was that “no one wanted to answer to the name Poo Bear or Pumpty Dumpty when called over the radio.”

Anyway, after the Down Winder offloads a boat’s sewage, it will transport the yucky stuff to the local sewage treatment plant. This is WAY better than just dumping it in the harbor . . . which is the way that pretty much what everyone has been doing with their shipboard poop forever!
Article here.

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