January 25, 2011

Another Gross Mystery!

Let’s say that you just peed. Man, you had to go bad! And now that you're done, you’re proud of yourself in a way you could never admit to anyone else.

By Marcin Krzyzanowski
After all, look at all that PEE. You sure can hold it!

Then you go into the kitchen. You figure you should probably drink something since you just flushed your body of every last drop of fluid.

Raising a glass of water to your lips, you mentally pat yourself on the back again. When it comes to “making the bladder gladder”, you’re the champ! (More pee sayings here.)

Then you sip some water. COLD water. And the impossible happens! Can it be? You feel the urge to pee AGAIN … even though you couldn’t have more than a drop in your bladder.

Now I ask you, how is THAT possible? I guess it’s just another gross mystery!

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