June 30, 2013

Four reasons why Superman can't punch somebody into outer space.

I've been thinking about superheroes since my book, The Big Book of Superhero Stuff, is coming out in near-ish future. So I read an article by Rhett Allain with interest. He's a wise fellow who figured out that Superman CAN'T punch someone into outer space...and some of the reasons are even gross! 
  1. If you account for air resistance, the faster you start the greater the air resistance force. I
  2. Even if Superman did hit someone super-hard, Superman’s fist would probably just go through the target’s head.
  3. By pushing so hard on someone, Superman’s feet would crush the ground under him.
  4. The acceleration of the victim would be so great that his head would come off.

BONUS! Here's one of Rhett's amazing illustrations:

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