July 8, 2014

This Tokyo toilet exhibition is one of the finest museum attractions in the world

First, you put on a special poop hat and climb up to look in the giant toilet…but don't fall in!
Ha! Just kidding. You have a poop hat on—you're SUPPOSED to fall in the toilet. But where do you go?

You'll feel a little flushed as you head to a class where you will learn about all the different kinds of poop.
So what's the story? I'll let the Agence France-Presse explain:
A Japanese exhibition dedicated to what gets flushed down them and featuring a giant toilet slide is making a splash in Tokyo. Children wearing poo-shaped hats slid excitedly down a chute into a lavatory following the "Journey of Poo" at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. 
The aim of the exhibition, which also includes a chorus of singing toilet bowls, is to educate visitors about sewerage, health and waste. An angry lavatory asked out loud what would happen if the world's loos refused to do their jobs, encouraging toddlers to say 'thank you' after flushing. Children also lined up to make their own poop from plasticene, while giggling couples enjoying an unusual date also took the opportunity to sport the popular brown hats and slide down the toilet.
Link here, via Chris Buckley.

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