December 11, 2009

The Mighty Marmite

That’s not chocolate syrup, Nutella, or peanut butter in the picture. Nope, it’s a dark, syrupy food called Marmite. And although it’s popular in the United Kingdom, lots of people who try Marmite find it disgusting. In fact, it’s so bad, the Marmite company’s slogan is “Love It or Hate It.”
So what does Marmite taste like? It’s sort of a combination of yeast and… grossness. The nicest description I saw said that it’s “like a paste made from daily vitamins.” For this NPR piece, a man named Travis Larchuk got ready to try it for the first time. (That’s him, BTW.) That was when his hostess said, “Get the spittoon ready.” Ha!
After eating some, Larchuk said that he once ate duck food, and that it was better than Marmite. I also liked this quote of his: “It’s thoroughly unpleasant.”
Pictures from and NPR.

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