January 15, 2010

Barf Tales

There's a place where people trade barf stories. Like this one, where a person describes seeing someone who ate Italian food: "I saw a whole pasta shell emerge from his nose and unravel as it popped out like a butterfly stretching its wings for the first time. 'Twas a thing of beauty."

Blech! And this lucky person describes seeing someone barf on a plane:
Turbulence can be bad... I've seen bad, but the worst...I've ever seen was when the plane hit a massive air pocket/downdraft that left it dropping like a stone. One of the cabin crew levitated up to the ceiling!
The image that will haunt me to my grave is the sight of a mushroom cloud of vomit rising up from behind one of the forward seats, drifting higher and higher until we were through the downdraft and it splashed down. I can only hope the producer was the receiver.

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