February 1, 2010

Look, That Kid's a Fireman!

There’s not a single person who will read this blog who hasn’t wet the bed before. Sure, it may have been a long time ago (last week in my case!), but it’s just something all humans do. Anyway, the picture is from an ad for bedwetting underwear called Goodnites. (You see, Goodnites are super-absorbent.)

But I just like the picture. Look, that kid is putting out the fire by peeing on it. Ha! But that reminds me: Don't ever ACTUALLY pee into a fire. The smell is one of the grossest odors of all time.

I’m going to assume that Goodnites did good research about bedwetting, so let me share these facts about it from their website:

—Five to seven million kids in the United States wet the bed.

—20% of 4- to 12-year-olds wet the bed.

—Bedwetting is more common among boys than girls–about 2/3 of kids who wet the bed are boys.

—72% of kids who wet the bed will outgrow it by the time they're 11–99% by age 15.

—Some kids wet the bed simply because their bladder hasn't grown as fast as the rest of their body and everything just needs to catch up.

—Kids DON'T wet the bed because they're lazy. No one wets the bed on purpose.

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