February 9, 2010

That Tea Party Was Gross!

In 1773, a Boston man named Benjamin Edes hosted a meeting of men opposed to an incoming shipment of extremely low-priced British tea. (Why complain about cheap tea at a time when it was so expensive, only wealthy colonists drank it? Good question!)

Benjamin and his son, Peter, set out a huge punch bowl full of rum for the visitors. As the Tea Party-goers arrived, Peter had a hard time keeping the bowl full.

These revolutionaries drank a LOT of rum! And after emptying Peter's bowl over and over, the men staggered off to dress up as Indians. Next they went down to Boston Harbor and where they threw 342 chests of tea from the British ships into the sea.

This tea-chucking process took several hours. The reason for this time delay was that many of the drunken Boston Tea Party-goers were also busy upchucking chunks into Boston harbor.


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