March 3, 2010

We Can All Be Peepoople!

We goof around a lot here at Ultra-Gross!, but still like to share stories about people who are making the world a better place. People like Anders Wilhelmson, the inventor of the Peepoo

The Peepoo is a biodegradable plastic bag that can be used as a toilet. You just put the bag in a can to line it (like a garbage bag), and then pee and poop into it. (You saw that coming, right?) When the pooper is done, he pulls the bag out, ties it off, and chucks it somewhere where it can compost. The bag is designed to break down, and as it does, it kills any unhealthy germs in the poop. (Not the pee…it doesn’t have germs!)
Wondering why we need a bag like this? It’s because 40% of the people in the world don’t have toilets! And so they tend to poop in plastic bags and then chuck them. (These flying bags of poop are called “helicopter toilets.” And not only is flinging poop gross, it’s EXTREMELY unhealthy. (Just take my word for it!)

So we here at Ultra-Gross! salute Anders Wilhelmson…not just because he’s cool, but because we want to be Peepoople too! 
More information here.

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