April 3, 2010

Five Kinds of Far— uh, Ways to Pass Gas!

I just finished a book called Pandora in the Congo by Albert Sánchez Piñol. 

In it, the main character describes a guy named MacMahon who has a lot of gas:
“The worst thing with MacMahon…was that he was the inventor of five types of farts. One of them was the Big Ben fart [which was] precisely spaced out, as if marking the hours. Poom, pause, poom, pause, and so on and on…Another kind were the machine-gun farts [which were like Big Ben farts, but faster.] There could be twenty or thirty of them. They all had the same sound. Sometimes [his farts] sounded like a flock of wild ducks, quack, quack, quack. The fourth kind was the Violin fart: thinner, longer, like a kitten that meows because it’s lost its mother. The fifth kind…began with a large thunderclap; just one, but a [gigantic] one!”

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