April 8, 2010

For Those About to Be Grossed Out, We Salute You!

I guess if you’re easily grossed out, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. But do people who get disgusted have anything in common?

Yes! It turns out that the most easily grossed out are usually:

1.) Younger. Old people have seen it all before!

2.) Female. Men aren’t grossed out as easily as women.

3.) Conservative! This was a surprising one for me to learn. But in two different studies, it was found that people who are politically conservative were MORE likely to be grossed out!

Weird! This is NOT a political blog, so follow this link for study details. And if you get grossed out easily, don’t worry. The Big Book of Gross Stuff isn’t disgusting at all. The title is a joke! The book is mostly about flowers and kittens. (Mostly.)

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