April 26, 2010

Growling Frogs and Dissections

There may come a day when you have to dissect a frog in biology class. (If you’ve already done this, change that statement to “There may come a day when you have to take a nap.”)

Some schools let students do “virtual” dissections on computers. But if you go to an old-school school, the frog you dissect will probably come out of a can. If so, let me give you some advice: After you fish the frog out of its can, don't try to revive it with a heart massage. Look, I hate to break the news to you, but that frog has been soaking in formaldehyde for weeks!
What’s interesting is that for most of human history, people had no clear ideas about what was inside the HUMAN body! But thanks to science, today we know all about human guts. And we know the story of Becky Willis, a woman who had a growling frog in her shoulder. (Click "Read more" to continue!)

What I mean is that Becky’s STOMACH was in her shoulder, along with gall bladder, liver, bowel and colon. And when her stomach growled from hunger, the sound came from much higher than you’d expect!

You see, Becky has a condition known as a Morgagni diaphragmatic hernia. She didn’t know about it until recently. After some tests confirmed that, this was Becky’s reaction: “I was gobsmacked.” 

But after surgery, Becky’s stomach is back where it belongs, and it can growl from the same spot as everyone else’s!

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