April 9, 2010

Pick and Roll

I like basketball. But as this photo of James Posey sticking his digit up Stephen Jackson's nose shows, it can get pretty gross out on the court!  

I know that you can get in trouble if you stick your nose in others people's business. But what if you stick your finger in someone's else's nose? 

And I like the expression of Boris Diaw, the guy in the back as he recoils in disgust. But the best part about this is that Posey looks like he's in more pain than Jackson. 

"I'll just go up for this block and— NOOOOOO!"

Of course, picking a winner from someone else's nostril is very impolite. For proper picking, let's turn to someone who nose his business: Italian fashion designer Valentino!
Bottom photo from 
Robert Basler’s Oddly Enough blog.

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