April 28, 2010

This Only Works with Double-Ply

As you know there are some news stories that are so perfect, the Ultra-Gross staff doesn't want to summarize them for you. This is one of those stories!
Armed robber wraps head in toilet paper as a disguise
Police in Lincoln, Nebraska say that the man entered Kabredlo's Convenience Store on Saturday with a knife and a head wrapped in toilet paper, and demanded money.
The man - described as a white male in aged 25 to 33, about 6 foot 2 inches, with toilet paper all over his face - took an unspecified amount of money from the store's safe, before fleeing on foot.
A Lincoln police sniffer dog was dispatched to try and track down the suspect - but discovered only a trail of sheets of toilet paper, which eventually ran out.
The suspect is still at large.

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