September 21, 2010

Prevent Violence: Wash Your Feet!

I just read a news story about a woman who stabbed a man. Why did she stab him? Because he said her feet stank!

This tragedy could have been prevented with good foot care. Look, EVERYBODY’S feet stink! That’s because each foot has hundreds of thousands of sweat glands. Each of your feet sweats out more than a quarter-cup of sweat each day! That means those feet are MOIST. And if you’re wearing socks, fungus is going to grow there…and if fungus is growing on your feet, they will reek!

So why aren’t all of us stabbing each other because of the horrible smell? First, we prevent toxic sock syndrome by changing our socks…daily! Also, washing our feet helps, as does NOT wearing socks at night. This gives our tootsies a chance to air out— so that our fingers don’t start itching for a knife handle!

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