October 1, 2010

Dog Poop Is NOT Kosher!

There are a number of cities now that can ID your dog from its poop. Like the Israeli town of Petah Tikva!

For the last two years, officials in Petah Tikva have been running a program that works like this: Dog owners bring their dogs to the city’s veterinarian. The vet gets a DNA sample from the dog and enters it into a database.

Then, when the dog poops, the owner bags it and drops the dog dookie into a designated dog poop bin. The dog poop’s DNA is checked, and the dog owner gets credit for free dog food.

But if the dog poops and the owner DOESN'T pick it up, the grumpy's DNA is checked and the dog owner gets a ticket in the mail!
Story here,
dog photo from APP.com.

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