October 14, 2010

Gross Link Mania!

Yes, we're backed up with disgusting material here at Ultra-Gross. So stand back while I open the valve!

—First, guys really do sweat more than girls. Here's why! And hey, here's the gross headline of the day:
—It turns out that whale poop is one of the most nutrient-rich things in the ocean. That must explain why it's so delicious! Article here.

"Beans of the Dead?
—In Italy, they'll be celebrating an unusual holiday on November 2: the Beans of the Dead. (If you've ever wondered what the gas of a ghost smells like, this is YOUR day!)

—By the way, if you have to smell other people's farts (whether they're alive or dead), it might make you a BAD person. After all, research shows that people who smell good things act better.

—So take a deep breath through your mouth...and take a look at these, the 25 oddest things ever eaten by humans (and then caught on X-ray!)

—Doctors have figured out a new way to get at the brain during brain surgery: Through the eyes! Article here...I don't have the courage to post pictures of the procedure.

—In a battle against grossness, scientists have developed a new kind of chewing gum that dissolves after it's thrown away. (Shoe soles are rejoicing!)

—Scientists are putting jellyfish in blenders and making jellyfish smoothies. Why? For solar power!

Padded, plush toilet paper is way uncool. Here's why.

That feels awesome
—Finally, no link, but no link, but in India, it’s not uncommon to see “ear cleaners” roaming the streets. Their specialty: Cleaning gunk out of your ears! (This is not a pleasant process.)

Ear cleaner photo from Reuters. And thanks to gross tipsters Ziggy Nixon and Michael Milone!

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