October 28, 2010

How do you say "weird meat" in French?

New York Times
Hey, do you want to celebrate the festival called the Brotherhood of Guts? Of course you do! But that means you have to go to the French city of Limoges. Since 1973, it’s where the yearly get-together known there as La Frairie des Petits Ventres happens.

Limoges is famous for its butchers. So while you're at the festival, the three most popular things to eat are:
Terrines, or cooked pig cheeks.
Amourettes, or cooked sheep testicles (right). What do sheep testicles taste like? Don’t ask me!
—Tripe. To make tripe, you take the stomachs of a cow (cows have more than one!) cut them up, and cook them.

Okay, those are the classics. What else is there? A butcher named François Brun has a dish called nez d’amour (“nose of love”). It’s a cooked pig snout stuffed with pig tongue. (Just like in real life!)

How much do the people of Limoges like their weird meats? Its church has a statue called La Vierge au Rognon. It shows Mary handing baby Jesus a kidney. A kidney!? But kidneys filter pee! 

I think I’ll stick with pig cheeks, thanks.
New York Times story on
La Frairie des Petits Ventres here.
Top photo from here,
pig photo by be_khe.

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