November 21, 2010

"Cackling Farts" Defined!

In my far-reaching research, I recently learned that there was an old slang term called “cackling-farts.” Were these farts so horrible, they sounded like an old crone laughing? I had to find out!

After consulting the First English Dictionary of Slang, 1699, I found that cackling farts were a slang term for eggs. I guess the idea was that chickens cackle, especially when they’re laying eggs. So the eggs were cackling farts…though cackling poops makes more sense!

Here’s a few other words I learned:
  • Bumfodder: Toilet paper, or “what serves to wipe the Tail.”
  • Farting crackers: Pants, or “Breeches.
  • Fizzle: “A little or low-sounding Fart.”

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