November 16, 2010

Get Pee in Your Hands!

A woman named Sally Magnusson has written an important new book called The Life of Pee: How Urine Got Everywhere.

How do I know it’s important? Well, look at that title! Plus, I just listened to a radio interview with her. Anyway, here’s the book’s description:
Alchemists sought gold in it...modern-day terrorists add it to home-made explosives...[In] 1969, four bags of it were left on the surface of the moon. Bought and sold, traded and transported, even carried to work in jugs, urine has made bread rise, beer foam and given us gunpowder, stained glass, [and] Robin Hood's tights...And we do produce an awful lot of it. [Add all of our pee up and] it might soon displace a small ocean. No wonder it gets everywhere! [This is] the secret history of civilisation’s most unsavory and unsung hero…
Did you see that? Pee is our hero. I knew it all along!
Oh, and the book only appears to be available in Great Britain at the moment. Rats!
Top photo from the Courier.

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