November 19, 2010

Track That Flush!

Have you ever wondered where your poop goes after you flush? You SHOULD. And if you live in the United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, or South Africa, now you can!

Flush Tracker has a map that allows you to enter a bathroom location. You can then track where flushes go from that spot! Just for kicks, I did a trial flush from 10 Downing Street, London, which is where the Prime Minister lives. And right now, my hypothetical poop has gone a half-mile at a speed of five miles-per-hour on its way to a sewage treatment plant. 
But what do we call this poo trips? Maybe...
  • excrement excursions
  • turd trajectories
  • plop journeys
  • scat scootings
Anyway, this is a fascinating thing to watch, but it’s also done to highlight World Toilet Day…which is TODAY!
Article on Flush Tracker here (via).

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