December 21, 2010

Bug Butts!

I have exciting news: I just saw this book called Bug Butts!

It looks great. But to do my homework, I read this quote about the book from the National Science Teachers Association:
“It contains colorful illustrations and captivating descriptions of how bugs use their butts.”
I’m sold! Wait, there’s more?
It will engage readers in a topic that is often not talked about—in the words of young readers: ‘butts’”
Right. Kids NEVER talk about butts! Okay, here’s one more review quote:
“[This book] answers such riveting questions as: ‘How far can caterpillars shoot their poop?’ (Up to 40 times farther than the length of their bodies.) ‘Did you know bark beetles use their poop to communicate?’ Well, they do.”
Wait, we humans can also use our poop to communicate! (Of course, we can only send one message with it: “I stink.”)


No bad words, thanks!