December 9, 2010

Have a Stink-Free Holiday!

Hey, I was just doing some holiday shopping. Say, here’s a product called Poo-Pourri! I wonder what kinds of stinks it’s supposed to mask?
We make sure that the stinky poop smell isn't something you've left behind. So go ahead, let others think your poop doesn't stink- maybe even convince them it smells pretty nice?
The folks at Poo-Pourri also make something called Trap a Crap. The idea is that you don’t cover UP the stinky smells, you trap them:

Unlike ordinary bathroom stink masking agents, this SECRET blend of natural essential oils effectively traps the odors before they can escape and infiltrate the environment!
You've heard the old saying: "Where there's smoke, there's fire"? Well, where there's stink, there's poop! And to put out that stinky fire, you might need The Fart Extinguisher

I doubt it works on fires, though.

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