December 16, 2010

Loos with Views (and Poos!)

A loo is a bathroom. And when you sit down in a loo, you’re often just looking at a stall door.

But not always! And that’s where author Luke Barclay got the inspiration for his book, A Loo with a View:
“[From] the summit of Mount Fuji ... to the ultimate in bathroom-based entertainment—the view of the Northern Lights from the Trophy Hut Loo (Canada)—this is a collection of the most uplifting vistas from the latrines of the world.”
Not bad, huh? And here’s the word from Barclay’s latest, Good Loo Hunting:
“Chief loo hunter Luke Barclay has brought together the world’s most scenic cisterns and panoramic privies. From a Buddhist monastery in India to Mount Kilimanjaro, Good Loo Hunting takes you to the most picturesque —and bizarre— loos with views on the planet.”
Of course, as an expert on loos, I also make pooping an adventure. Take, for example, the toilet I used on my last trip to Africa:
Okay, okay. This is Luke Barclay's as well.


  1. Ha ha ha. There are some nice 'loos with views' in New Zealand. There's one that overlooks the Pacific Ocean on the Banks Peninsula walk - nothing but blue ocean to look out at. If you had trouble going - you certainly wouldn't with that view!

  2. Hi Katie, thanks for that. The Banks Peninsula sounds like the perfect place to let nature take its course!


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