December 12, 2010

Unibrows? Okay! Back Hair? Never!

"A stands for Abhorrent! Whoo!"
Back hair IS gross. I was reminded of this by a football fan who shaved an "A" into his back hair (!).

See, he’s an Appalachian State fan, and…oh, never mind. Gross! (More on back hair here.)

Autorretrato con collar
 de espinas y colibrí
But is body hair —or even face hair— gross? To help answer this question, David Moye writes about women who have declared this month Decembrow. The idea is for women to STOP plucking their eyebrows. 

I can see the beauty in Decembrow . . . who wants to be yanking hairs out of their face all the time? And I appreciate strong eyebrows— or just one strong unibrow, like artist Frida Kahlo is sporting above.

But as for guys, some of us need to pluck. I mean, come on, Ramón Rivas!

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