December 13, 2010

Look Before You Leak!

Sometimes a news story arrives that is so perfect, it requires no analysis. Like this one! It starts with a 911 phone call in Edmond, Oklahoma:

—DISPATCHER: What’s going on there ma’am?

—CALLER: I have some kind of animal in the toilet in my bathroom.

—DISPATCHER: Like, what’s it look like?

—CALLER: Well, it’s gray. That’s all I can tell you. I didn’t look real good because it scared me to death. I’m sorry . . . 
—DISPATCHER: Okay ma’am. Well, I will get a police officer over there to see if they can help you figure out what’s going on for you okay?

—CALLER: Okay. Thank you. I appreciate it.

By Ed Sweeney
Officer Derek Kennedy was the first to respond. As soon as I saw the squirrel I knew I needed back up immediately,” he joked . . . Kennedy and his partner would spend the next several minutes trying to corral this intimidating creature.

“ . . . After a 5-minute chase, and him chasing us, we caught him,” said Kennedy. The Edmond police then released him in the park across the street.

It’s a mystery how the squirrel got inside in the first place . . . But if you’re worried about a squirrel jumping out of your toilet, you might want to look before you leak.

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