December 14, 2010

Reading in the bathroom? Okay! (EATING? Noooo!)

From Dr. Isis
Yesterday, someone told me she had to go “drop a deuce.” This was her way of saying she had to poop.

I hadn’t heard that one before! I also hadn’t yet seen a survey that asked people what they talked about in the bathroom. Now I don’t usually talk in the bathroom, except for some encouraging words to myself: “Come on, you can do it, there you go, etc.”

But at school and work bathrooms, people talk with each other. The survey revealed these tidbits:
  • 86% of people have conversations in the bathroom
  • 57% said hearing someone else in the restroom made them uncomfortable
  • 56% were uncomfortable asking the person in the next stall to pass some toilet paper.
  • 53% cover the seat with toilet paper when away from home
  • Over 50% were grossed out by people who eat in the bathroom
  • 41% of people gossip
  • 30% talk about their jobs
  • 31% smush toilet paper into a “snowball” to wipe
  • 28% fold toilet paper into squares to wipe
  • 25% were offended by people who have cell phone conversations in the bathroom
  • 19% sterilize the toilet seat with a hand sanitizer or baby wipe.
  • 10% think reading in the bathroom is wrong
  • 10% just sit on the toilet without wiping or covering it

The most amazing part of this study for me was this: People EAT in the bathroom?! Blaugh! Now THAT’S gross.
News survey from Georgia-Pacific,
as seen on MSNBC.

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