December 15, 2010

"Sacré Blech!": Receptacles for Retching

"We barfed in our berets.
Now, they are soggy. Sacré blech!"
In this book, I've got a chart comparing various “barf” containers. For example, if you had to upchuck into a hat, a bad choice would be a sombrero. Better: A waterproof beret. Best? A construction worker’s hardhat!

Over at ParentHacks, there’s also a discussion about this. Bad choice: Upside down Frisbee. Better choice: Small, plastic-bag lined garbage can. (These do spill, though.)

"I'm not barfing. But
my face fits this perfectly!"
Of course, the toilet is the best bet of all. But sick little kids have a hard time getting to the bathroom in time. Plus, if they’re REALLY little, they may not be able to lean into it.

So one person suggested getting the sick kid into a sleeping bag on the floor and then putting their training “potty” next to them. Makes sense!

Bonus Tip: Writer Asha Dornfest also suggests using a big Ziploc baggy to barf into during car trips. Nice one!
Lego photo by Guy H.,
potty photo by Brian
(and he's not barfing!)

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