December 19, 2010

Where do I put the toilet paper?

Now THAT'S efficient!
It's a good question! Sure, you probably flush your toilet paper after wiping. But that’s NOT the way things are always done! Some people burn, bury, or throw away their toilet paper.

And others don’t use toilet paper at all. *gasp*

Matthew Kitson travelled around South America, and he was often confused about what to do with his “poo tickets.” So he invented It’s an amazing list of all the nations in the world … and what the people do with their dirty toilet paper. Plus, it's funny!
France: Contrary to popular belief, many places in France have toilets that you can actually safely use and you'll be able to flush the paper. This isn't the 1980s you know. Having said that, the French still like to squat over a hole in the ground or crap behind a bush (or car or tree). In these cases, act politely and throw your paper somewhere hygienic. (Of course, you still can't drink the water, and they eat snails you know.)
Zambia: Recycled toilet paper is massively popular, even fashionable, in Zambia. Although according to a Times article I've just locals are known to use "the velvety-soft elephant-ear plant". I had to read that a couple of times I have to admit. Bin your paper.
Vatican City: Unless you're the Pope and you've got hoards of lackeys to wipe your bottom with swan necks and rose water, then you can flush your paper down the toilet.
Photo of Dutch toilet by FaceMePls

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