January 17, 2011

Mr. Toilet House: The Legend Grows!

You thought I was kidding that South Korea’s toilet museum was called Mr. Toilet House, huh?

I wasn’t! According to its makers, Mr. Toilet House is “the first and biggest toilet-shaped construction in Korea.” And my guess is that they're being modest!

Photographer Zomerfeld has a gallery of photos that he took of this magical place. 

They include this diagram (left) of the first floor of Mr. Toilet House. My favorites are numbers 4. and 5.:
Interesting toilet story
Toilet inside Mr. Toilet House
And there are plenty of “touch-screens” in the museum. You just push the little poop to get more information!
One feature of Mr. Toilet House is that its toilet looks out on the house.

Ahh, look at that open space! 

But wait! If you hear someone coming and you need privacy, flip a switch and—


Again, these Mr. Toilet House pictures are by Zomerfeld. Check out his Flickr page and stand back in awe!

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