January 8, 2011

Rhino poop comes from an endless source?

Need a gift for the gardener on your list? Get them some Zoo Poo from the Colchester Zoo gift shop!
“A unique blend of elephant and rhino poo freshly potted every day at Colchester Zoo. Great for your gardens, zoo poo is a unique gift that comes from an endless source!”


  1. That is really neat in my opinion. We should be caring about these magnificent animals, and respect them at all costs. Rhinos are extremely jeered upon, demonized by naturalists, cartoonists, and hunters, and completely misunderstood by the human race. Please keep in mind rhinos are gentle, shy and peaceful unless provoked, and are being poached endlessly towards extinction. 350 were killed in 2010 alone! I am just giving you an important favor to not think they are gross and ugly but consider the beauty of their solitary nature :) God Bless You, Catherine

  2. My bad... I love rhinos! (Actually, I love all animals, but rhinos especially.)


    And you're right, they're not gross at all. Their poop, though, well... :)


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