January 20, 2011

Selling the World's Greatest Toilet

Okay, you’re in charge of selling the "world’s greatest toilet." What kinds of things should you point out about it?

First, you need customers to know this is a sophisticated toilet. You know, like for fancy, rich people? 

To do that, you need a picture of someone fancy and rich… I know! How about a woman with a wine glass who's staring in amazement at the toilet?

Next, be sure to highlight the toilet’s features. Like how it plays music! Listening to music releases the brain’s alpha waves. (These then release your poop!)

Also, don’t forget about the light INSIDE of the toilet bowl. This helps people inspect their poop when it’s dark!

But there are so many features to mention, like the automatic toilet seat raiser and the double-power deodorizing... but don't forget the water-jets that come and spray off your butt when you're done!

"It's like ... heaven!"
And just as important, remember to have a picture of how a person feels AFTER having his or her butt sprayed off!

Photos by INAX.

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