April 4, 2011

Kittens taste like WHAT?!

In 1870, the people of Paris were isolated by a German attack. Food ran low and folks ate anything they could get their hands on. (And I mean ANYTHING!)

This provided reporter Henry Labouchère with these descriptions of what various animals tasted like:
From here.
Horse: “A little sweeter than beef … but in other respects much like it.”
Cat: “Something between rabbit and squirrel, with a flavor all its own.”
Rat: “Excellent — something between frog and rabbit.”
Dog: “Something like lamb, but I felt like a cannibal.”
What were his two favorites?
Donkey: “Delicious — in color like mutton, firm and savory.” “I never wish to taste a better dinner than a joint of a donkey.”
Kittens: “Either smothered in onions or in a ragout (meat cut into small pieces and stewed with vegetables) they are excellent.”

Story from Futility Closet,
photo by jani.

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