June 28, 2011

You can be an accidental mummy!

Did you know that you can become a mummy by accident? No, this isn’t a promo for a reality show about teen mothers (zinger!).

What I mean is that if you happened to fall into a tar pit or an ice crevasse or just a deep hole . . . and then if you died (sorry) . . . and then if you dried out and were eventually found, you could be a mummy, too.

It’s nice to dream, anyway! And this brings me to the Franklin Institute, a Philadelphia museum putting on an exhibition of 150 mummies from across the world that’s called —wait for it— Mummies of the World.

Some of the mummies are accidental ones, and some were mummified on purpose. Like this poor monkey-mummy from South America. Sure, it’s a cool name: “monkey mummy”. But that’s not a nice thing to do to a monkey!

To learn more about this awesome exhibit, check out this New York Times article. (That’s where these photos came from, BTW.)


  1. XD Bonus points for the mummy puns! As for the Philadelphia exhibit, let's hope that someone will have the guts to take their mummies (oop, mommies) over there... uhm not.

  2. And museum visitors should be sure to drink lots of water... they wouldn't want to become dehydrated!


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