June 30, 2011

Your dishwasher is trying to destroy you!

Fun Fact: Your dishwasher is a breeding ground for killer fungus.

This sort of makes sense. The dishwasher is warm and wet. Fungus LOVES that! Add in food scraps for nutrition, and fungus is in business. And don’t think that soap or hot water kills fungus. It doesn’t!

In case your issue of Fungal Biology hasn’t come in the mail yet, it has an article about how researchers took samples from over 150 dishwashers in 18 countries. Over half had Exophiala, which is a slimy, black fungus!

But it’s not like Exophiala is dangerous, right? Wait, what’s this: “It may sometimes cause fatal infections in healthy people.” What? And here I thought all that black slime in the dishwasher was good for me!

I'll never wash another dish again.

Top photo from here.

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