August 8, 2011

Grime doesn't pay!

My parents live in Longview, Washington. It’s not my favorite place, although it does have some interestingly gross news stories. Hey, here’s one now!
By peasap.
A man doused himself with a bucket of liquid human waste and hid in a portable toilet after plowing his Jeep into a carport at a Longview riverfront condominium, police said . . .
After fleeing the scene, Gordon Flavia  splashed himself with the contents of a bucket outside a portable toilet “because he thought the dogs were coming, and he was trying to throw off the scent,” a police officer said.
So this man decided to cover himself in poop to confound the police dogs. There's just ONE problem: There were no police dogs!

When the police found Flavia, an officer said, "We didn't know what it was . . . but it smelled bad."

(Thanks to Rabid Leroy for the post title!)


  1. Moral of the story? Grime doesn't pay.

  2. YEAH!! I just changed the post title accordingly. Thank you.


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