August 14, 2011

Why is this man so mad at cow poop?

2010 Wis Cow Chip Throw_0075 by Cow Chip
By Cow Chip.
Look at him chuck it! 
Turns out this guy is a contestant in the Wisconsin Cow Chip Throw. If you have The Big Book of Gross Stuff, you already know about it. But just in case, here's the rules! (And where they say "chip" they MEAN "cow poop"!)

1. Two chips to each contestant. Chip thrown the farthest shall be the only one counted. If the chip breaks up in the throw, then the piece going the farthest will be counted.
2. Chips shall be at least 6 inches in diameter.
3. Contestants must select their chips from the wagon-load provided by the official Meadow Muffin Committee. To alter, or shape in any way, chips selected from the wagon  subjects the contestant to a 25-foot penalty.

Translation: This is NOT a BYOP (Bring Your Own Poop) event!
"Fly like the wind, cow pie!"

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